About Us

Staff (1)We are a collective of Mayan seamstresses, but our acronym — M.A.S. — says it all. In Spanish, “mas” means more. Our company offers our customer more value for the money while providing more earning opportunities for struggling women, and giving more support to the rapidly growing Orthodox Church in Guatemala.

Our ecclesiastical fabrics are manufactured in Guatemala and come in a a variety of designs and colors with both metallic and non-metallic threads. The non-metallic fabrics are completely washable. We specialize in lightweight, easy-care, and washable Orthodox garments.

Our product line includes:
Greek-style Priest’s Vestment
Deacon’s Vestment
Acolyte Robe
Chalice Cover Set

Our Founder:

In the year 2012, retired Presvytera Alexandra Chakos, along with her husband, Fr. John Chakos, devoted herself to mission work in Guatemala. Seeing the need for proper vesture in the rapidly growing Guatemalan Orthodox Church, Pres. Alexandra began training a small group of students in the sewing of cassocks and vestments for the priests. Previously, she had taught sewing and pattern drafting in Brazil, using the Portuguese language. Then again, she taught sewing in Tanzania, East Africa using Swahili. She readily accepted the challenge of teaching in Guatemala using Spanish.

Our Seamstresses:

Staff (2)Presvytera Reina Elizabet was already an accomplished seamstress before joining Mayan Artisan Studio. She lives in the town of Nueva Concepcion with her husband, Fr. Blas, and young son, Jeremy. The four lovely young Mayan women, Eulalia, Romelia, Sofia, and Rosa were experienced in sewing with their treadle machines in their small town of Aguacate. They quickly acclimated to using the speedy electric machines in our workshop. Together, we hope to provide you with ecclesiastical adornments that will enhance your ministry and help you to achieve the “garments of salvation” and the “cloak of saving justice” spoken of in Isaiah 61:10.

Email: atchakos04@msn.com or Call: 412.508.8952