WOW! I was absolutely blown away by what I found. Everything – fabric, workmanship, etc, seem to be of very high quality. I could not be more pleased. Thank you so much and I hope to do business with you again, and God bless your missionary efforts in Central America.
John Reed, Epiphany Byzantine Catholic Church, Rosewell, GA

I am very pleased with the set of green vestments that I recently received from MAS. They are light weight and very well made. Since I do a lot of traveling as a supply priest, the vestments easily pack in a carry-on bag. I’ve received numerous compliments from parishioners regarding the vestments and inquiry to where they were made. This gives me the opportunity to share regarding Orthodox mission work in Guatemala and how indigenous Mayan women directly benefit in making liturgical vestments. I definitely will be reordering from Mayan Artisan Studio. May God bless MAS!
V. Rev. Fr. Howard E. Sloan, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, Palos Hills, IL

Nestled in the mountains of Huehuetenango you will find the Orthodox theological seminary of St. Peter and Paul. At this seminary you will also find young Orthodox women gaining much needed employment sewing vestments and chalice covers. They are directed under the careful eye of Presbytera Sandy Chakos. The workmanship is second to none and at more than reasonable prices. The chalice covers that I brought home for my church were greeted with compliments on their beauty for weeks. On purchasing your vestments here you will be supporting a great mission and The Orthodox Church in Guatemala as a whole.
– Gregory Buzi, Seymour Ct.

Great cassock at a great price – less than half of what you’d pay elsewhere! The material is light-weight, perfect for hot weather, but it does show a few wrinkles. Craftsmanship is good, it should last a long time. It’s also a great feeling, knowing that I helped support young women in Guatemala who don’t have many opportunities to support themselves and their families!
– Jordan Fox, Chanter, All Holy Spirit Church, Omaha, NE

Vestments are a reflection of our relationship with Jesus Christ. His glory is reflected in our vestments. I highly recommend the Mayan Artisan Studio for all your vestment needs. Their vestment patterns are very clean, light weight, and elegant. We have ordered two entire sets of vestments for our priests, deacon, and acolytes — purple for Lent as well as a set of gold and white for Sundays. There is a beauty of symmetry when the serving clergy and the acolytes all have the same vestments. The cost at Mayan Artisan Studio is very affordable and the quality is excellent. Before you order another set of vestments, get a quote and compare. You will not be disappointed. Muchas Gracias.
– Fr. Michael H. Kallaur, Holy Cross Church, Pittsburgh, PA

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